Aero Rocket

Fly into 2022 with the convenience of private air transportation at a significantly lower cost and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.
Words by Jorge Arauz | November 28, 2021 | Luxury

The Celera 500L by Otto Aviation is being hailed as the most significant innovation for private air transportation in decades. Imagine traveling in your own private jet at costs competitive to main cabin commercial airfare. This beauty offers 5-7 times reduction in operating cost, 8 times lower fuel consumption, cruise speeds equivalent to similar-sized jet aircraft, and a 4,500 nautical mile range. In layman’s terms, it affords access to 5,000+ airports in the U.S. alone. You might think that all this efficiency comes at the cost of cabin ambience, but that is nowhere near the case. Superior comfort is delivered through a stand-up cabin height of 6’2” and 6 first-class equivalent seats in a customizable configuration. The secret is extensive use of Laminar Flow, a minimum drag solution for aircraft surfaces, featuring smooth layers of airflow with little to no mixing of adjacent layers. The result is a 59% reduction in drag compared to conventional aircraft. Starting at a cool $4.5 million;