Innovative, artisanal, elegant — that is Lafayette 148 New York. An expression of modern femininity, a perfect harmony of style and substance, they believe that a woman should never have to choose between form and function.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | March 9, 2018 | Fashion

A quintessential New York brand with a truly global scope, Lafayette 148 New York is a house founded by women, for women.  Which brings us to this season’s inspiration: Women Artists. A cast of insightful heroines who have played a pivotal role collectively shaping the art world today, they blazed forward into uncharted creative territory. Fearlessly doing what they loved, they brought their imagination to life. Their powerful stories paint the complex, dazzling portrait of a life richly fulfilled. This season, discover a new understanding of modernism in everything from the contrast of soft and vivid color, to the boldness of brushstroke-like prints, to the duality of ethereal and structured fabrics and the beauty of undeniably current constructions;