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Leave your worries at the door and immerse yourself in a world of utter peace and serenity at Caruna Spa & Wellness Center, a refuge of calmness and relaxation that promotes beauty from the inside out.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos courtesy of Caruna Spa | June 22, 2018 | Beauty & Wellness

Spa treatments such as facials, injectibles, massages and body detoxifications are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. With day spas seeming to pop up just about everywhere, how do you choose the right fit?
Well, it’s easy. One of the first things most spa-goers look for is a comprehensive list of services available in a convenient location. After all, how is one going to relax at a spa if getting to and from it is a stressful endeavor?! But, of course, in places such as Miami where some of the most beautiful and pampered people in the world live and day spas abound, location isn’t enough to narrow things down much. That’s why clients also look for highly qualified and skilled staff. Well, that will cull things a bit, if you insist on getting only the best.
Now let’s narrow things down even more and look for a spa that goes that one essential step further and is right in our backyard. Enter Caruna Spa & Wellness Center in the heart of The Magic City. “Our goal is to serve with love and compassion, to remind our clients beauty is already in all of us, to teach them to see it again and to take care of themselves — no matter what the service is,” says Carolina Lizarazo, who was a film and television actress for 18 years in Colombia and is now the proud owner of Caruna Spa & Wellness Center in Brickell. “Our goal is to have our clients love their body and themselves — it’s about refreshing your body, not going crazy with superficiality. That’s because when you feel better about yourself, you’re happier and see life from a better perspective. Our belief is that when you nurture yourself, you also nurture the world.”
That focus on genuine beauty, both inner and outer, starts with the name on the door. Caruna with a “K” (Karuna) means compassion, the K was replaced by the “C” from Carolina. The interior décor is equally tranquil and nurturing. “Everything is very white, clean, with beautiful relaxing music and aromatherapy taking over. White sheets, white towels and robes, cozy blankets, orchids, candles, butterflies…” she says. “I’ve always been completely in love with and curious about everything related to beauty, wellness and to serve others with love and compassion. The result is this lovely and relaxing facility that’s an embodiment of all the things I’ve ever dreamed about a spa, a place to serve others with all possible spa services in one place.”
Carolina knows all too well the importance of great-looking skin and the tricks to get there. The staff is rounded out by Lolo Wise, M.D., Medical Director/Injectables, Laser Technician Patricia Mitev and Skincare Specialist Iris Lopez. Together they are ready to help stressed-out, local workaholics, and the general public, relax and renew. Caruna opened its doors 2 years ago to great success, and it’s no surprise with their extensive menu of offerings. “We have it all in one place,” says Lizarazo. “We’re a med spa and day spa specializing in skincare, laser hair removal, injectables eyelash extensions, massages, body treatments, body detoxification, skin rejuvenation, spray tanning and nails, among many other services.” To stand out further from the competition, the team’s mission is to serve, not only to profit. “That’s why we have all these services in one place combined with an outstanding and dedicated staff, free parking, gorgeous décor, love and compassion instead of toxic, greedy anxiety,” she affirms.
When it comes to personal care advice, Carolina recommends a massage once a week, facials at least once a month, and a detox every three months to keep one in optimal condition. The facials have exotic names like Deep Ocean, Forever Young, Nature’s Gift Peeling and Return To Innocence. One of the most popular remains the signature Caruna Facial, a deep cleansing hydrating treatment, face, scalp & body massage and oxygen therapy that results in firmer skin with redefined facial contours that make the face appear smoother and plumper. “Many celebrities are doing oxygen therapy because it diminishes the tiny imperfections that would be visible on high-definition television,” Lizarazo reports.
Future plans for the popular spa, which currently provides nutrition guidance as part of its services, are to expand to add an organic store and a yoga studio. To sum up, Carolina states: “We’re about promoting beauty from the inside out, in a refuge of calmness and relaxation, offering outstanding service which yields only positive results,” she says. “Plus, we’re the only spa around with free parking and a super-convenient location that’s also very private and beautiful.”
Caruna Spa & Wellness Center is at 1800 SW 1st Ave., Ste. 103, in Brickell. For a consultation or list of services; 305.456.9336;