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Face Lifter

Don’t let a long day get you down — and by “down” we mean saggy and worn out in the face. With the new Instant Lift Collection from Trish McEvoy, you have no excuse for not looking your best. The kit includes everything you need to brighten your eyes, add a warm glow to your cheeks, and gloss up that smile. There’s even a vial of sassy fragrance to give your mood a jump-start; $28.50,

Insider Secrets
Who says finance nerds can’t play baseball? Well, maybe they’re not knocking balls out of the park, but they do know how to turn around a team as this book from sports writer Jonah Keri chronicles. In The Extra 2%, Keri describes how a set of former Goldman Sachs financiers turned the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from perennial losers into American League Champions by way of tried-and-true Wall Street secrets. It’s a great road map for any struggling organization; $26,



Pacifier Usage
All parents have been in the frustrating situation where our babies will not stop crying. No matter how many funny faces we make or how many songs we sing to them, nothing seems to work until we pull out the famous “binky,” better known as the pacifier. Researchers have found an association between pacifier use during sleep and a reduced risk of SIDS. It is also known that most babies cry for an average of 3 hours a day because they yet have not found the method to sooth themselves. A pacifier soothes a fussy baby as sucking is a self-comforting behavior. Of course, pacifiers have drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is that early pacifier use may interfere with breastfeeding. Another issue is the prolonged use of a pacifier may lead to dental problems. Normal pacifier use during the first few years of life doesn’t cause long-term dental problems. However, the use of pacifiers beyond the age of 5 can affect the shape of your child’s mouth or teeth, possibly causing the teeth to protrude and come in completely crooked. Also decay and cavities are formed from too much pacifier usage because pacifiers are sometimes dipped in sweets such as sugar or honey to help soothe the child faster. Pacifiers also tend to get dirty easily which leads to germs, poor hygiene and decay. As long as the habit is discontinued well before their permanent teeth come in, your child should be fine.

Dr. Raul Gonzalez attended the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey where he was granted his DMD degree. He also obtained a B.A. with major in Biology at Rutgers University. For more information, visit Smile Studio Associate Dentistry of Doral; 305.594.4418,

Super People
They might not be on the next edition of Entertainment Weekly, but these folks boast real-life powers that would turn Superman green with envy.

Mega Brain
Autistic savant and epileptic Daniel Tammet can give your calculator a run for its money. This British super-brainiac plays with numbers like kids do blocks, and also boasts a knack for languages.




Super Sight
Ben Underwood lost both his eyes to cancer as a child, but that hasn’t slowed him down. This genius can play basketball and ride his bike, using echolocation to “see” the environment.




Magnetic Personality
Move over, Magneto — Malaysian retiree Liew Thow Lin has the amazing ability to make magnetic objects stick to his skin. In his spare time, he pulls cars around by way of a chain and iron belt.