Epically Miami

The Miami Creation Myth by Andrew Otazo is a “culture-cosmic adventure” that is uniquely 305, wholly hilarious and totally awesome, bro.
Words by Kaya Baez | February 23, 2023 | People

If Miami has you feeling like you’re living in your very own live-action novela, things are about to get much, much better. Enter The Miami Creation Myth, an epic journey that takes readers on a wild ride that begins with “Pachango The Creator’s decision to rise from his divine pin pan pun and turn on the sun” and continues on to when “the Cubanos quite literally tumbled out of the waves onto Miami’s shores.” The cover gives Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam a chancletazo and guayabera spin. Miami native and Author Andrew Otazo is a proud Cuban-American who was previously employed at the U.S. State Department before working as a Personal Assistant to a Mexican President. He’s also been a Research Associate at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. Not one to rest on his laurels, he is a staunch nature lover who has removed an impressive 22,000+ pounds of trash from Miami’s mangrove forests. “Just as the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse had their gods, villains and heroes, Miami now has a legendary saga based on the hyperbolic surrealism that is living in South Florida,” he says. “Along the way, you’ll learn answers to deep existential questions, such as: Where do croquetas come from? Who is the god of chisme? And why is everyone late to everything?”;