Dynamic Developments

An integral portion of the braintrust behind the Broadstone Brickell project, Michael Ging is brightening our skyline with this captivatingly chic complex.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 10, 2018 | People

An FSU graduate who’s spent his career developing projects all across The Sunshine State, Managing Director of Alliance Residential Company’s Florida Division Michael Ging knows a thing or two about what makes a development successful in even our singularly stylish city. Which is precisely why he’s committing his not-insubstantial 27 years of experience to high-caliber hi-rise Broadstone Brickell, a scintillating addition to our ever-emerging entrepreneurial district. Featuring such alluring amenities as open-air cabanas with accessory massage table and only minutes from the hottest cultural hubs this bullish borough offers, both the 24-story Broadstone and its expert inceptor are sure to raise eyebrows in a neighborhood saturated in surprise;