Deep Diver

Tag Heuer dive watches are the horological equivalents of a Land Rover — stylish, tough and reliable. This new Tag is the equivalent of the Bowler-tuned Land Rover; just as reliable but with very notable upgrades.
Words by Bill Lindsey | December 27, 2020 | Luxury

Just as car manufacturers collaborate with “tuners” to convert factory models into custom masterpieces, so, too, did Tag Heuer with the UK-based watch customizing firm of Bamford Watch Division (BWD). The heart of this creation is the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Classic Dive Watch. Dive watches are popular even for those whose aquatic adventures are limited to the shower because they can shrug off conditions that would destroy less-sturdy timepieces. BWD utilizes a 43mm sandblasted titanium case with a matching titanium unidirectional bezel and 3-link bracelet. The black dial utilizes a black base featuring concentric grooves. The hour and minute hands are white, with a high visibility orange border. The second hand also features orange LumiNova accents, alternating with white for an eye-catching effect. Underneath all this is an ultra-reliable mechanical movement regulated to chronometer standards to make sure you arrive on time. Limited to 1,500 pieces, the Bamford Limited Edition Aquaracer is a worthy addition to any collection, with the added benefit of being a great daily-wearer timepiece;