Cultural Roots

Seeking inspiration from other classically trained artists such as Picasso and Kahlo, Ana Trelles Portuondo works with acrylic paints, mixed media, collage, graphite — and Cuban coffee!

The artistic passion of Ana Trelles Portuondo is derived from her cultural roots; painting and drawing a variety of themes such as roosters, Afro-Cuban women, sacred art, and other characters that are romantic, spiritual, as well as heroic in nature. She transforms them into figures of strength, elegance and grandeur. Reflections of Cuban culture are repeated in her work and have become a part of her artistic identity. “As an artist, wife, and mother of 4, I’m always surrounded by creativity…our household runs on it,” she says. Born in Havana in 1960, her family fled when she was 8 months old to settle in Miami. Since then she has built quite the life for herself alongside her architect husband, Rafael Portuondo. With her career spanning over 30 years, her work has been exhibited in many venues including as Resident Artist for The Archive Gallery in Coral Gables as well as in private homes of collectors;