Creating Luck

Lucky In Love founder Brad Singer makes clothing that is fun with bolder prints, modern patterns and daring silhouettes to make his customers feel empowered, strong, athletic and chic day in and day out.

Brad Singer’s family started in the apparel business during WWI when his great-grandfather designed army apparel for the soldiers. “My grandfather Morty Varat followed in his footsteps years later when he founded a women’s apparel company called Covergirl Dresses of Miami, and in the 1970s, my mother and uncle founded a women’s tennis & golf apparel company called Tail.” Eventually, Singer joined his family at Tail after working with numerous women and athletic apparel brands including R&B. During this time, he noticed an unmet demand for young girl’s tennis apparel. “As I continued designing more collections, I learned my customers were not only purchasing items for their daughters but buying the larger kids’ sizes to wear themselves. I also saw that women wanted tennis apparel, which was functional and stylish. At the time, there were not many options with flare.” He partnered with his cousin, Andrea Cherniak, and expanded the brand to women’s tennis apparel, and more recently, golf apparel. He also uses the Lucky In Love brand as a platform to bring awareness to causes near and dear to his heart, such as wheelchair tennis and the Sabrina Cohen Foundation. “We take great pride in the opportunity to give back,” he says. “We strive to support causes that truly represent our company’s philanthropic mission.”

“Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, my grandfather’s wise words have always inspired me: ‘Make every day your birthday and every night New Year’s Eve!’ — those words will be with me my entire life.”