Cosmic Connect

Most of us know our birth sign and the personality characteristics attributed to it. But what if the exact placement of the planets at the moment of your birth could affect your life much more than your zodiac sign?
Text by Ros Prado | May 22, 2018 | Lifestyle

Have you ever heard of Saturn’s Return? This is the astrological period of our lives that happens every 30 years or so, when the planet Saturn completes its orbit around the sun and returns to the same exact zodiac sign it was at the time of a person’s birth. We often feel the effects of this orbital transition for a few years, depending on the variable orbits of the planets. It represents a metaphorical rebirth in work, life and spirit. Psychologically, the first Saturn Return symbolizes an entrance into adulthood. Astrologers believe people can experience up to 3 Saturn Returns in their lifetime: the ages between 27-31 represents a transition into adulthood; at 56-60, maturity; and at 84-91, wisdom. A very rare group of supercentenarians reach a 4th interval, at about 114-118. What they experience during that phase is anyone’s guess, as it hasn’t really been studied in detail due to the rarity of that lifespan globally. Whatever stage you find yourself in throughout your life, it’s imperative to push through this cycle, work hard and make as many right choices as possible. As Saturn begins to move away once again, you might just be able to come out feeling a renewed sense of confidence and maturity. Or everything can be just as it was. The possibilities are as expansive as the universe. And it’s up to each and every one of us to decide how we interpret it and use the experience to elevate our lives to a new level of consciousness.