Compelling Energy

Alexi Torres juxtaposes contemporary society and his Cuban origins through striking oil paintings that showcase unique Woven Connections.
Words by Stacy Wynn | March 28, 2023 | People

Tapping into themes of playful memories, Cuban artist Alexi Torres bridges the gap between nature and mankind in a contemporary context. He’s known for his oil paintings that appear as if knotted and woven, inspired from everyday essential objects such as feathers, tree leaves, basket weavings and distressed cloth. In partnership with Contessa Gallery and currently on display at The Sagamore South Beach, Miami Beach’s first 24/7 art hotel known for its year-round programming and museum-quality exhibitions, Torres creates 3D illusions that lock in the eye for an intimate look. Influenced by his upbringing, he views the process as planting an idea and harvesting it by stretching the canvases and priming his work. He starts and finishes each piece following the cycle of the waning moon, as did his ancestors during the harvest;;