Clothes Saver

Nothing ruins that designer dress like a moth hole, but who wants to smell eye-watering camphor every time they open their closet?

Thankfully, traditional moth balls aren’t the only option for protecting those precious duds. Check out beautifully scented anti-moth products from Total Wardrobe Care. Made with lavender, cedarwood and other fragrant herbs and spices, the sachets will keep your closets and drawers moth-free for up to 6 months;

Cord Free
Go completely cordless with the Wi-Drive from Kingston, convenient wireless storage for your iPhone or iPad. You can store up to 32GB of photos, documents, music and more, moving files easily from drive to device wire-free from anywhere up to 30 feet away. Share your stuff with up to 3 other users. Hooking up all those cables wastes time we’d rather spend watching YouTube videos of silly cats; $175,

Infidelity & Kids
Affairs are the most significant threat to marriages and families today. Oftentimes, when a marriage is having issues of infidelity and there are children involved, parents tend to forget the impact it may have on their children. They get so caught up in their personal issues that they neglect the children’s emotional needs, which are rarely considered or discussed. As a therapist helping a couple in this scenario, I highly stress the importance of making the right closure so that the children will not suffer or make the same mistakes as their parents. Getting a therapist involved is extremely helpful. Lawyers, judges and family members should immediately refer to the outside help of a professional when dealing with infidelity. Whatever their age, children whose parents have been unfaithful often react with feelings of anger, shame, guilt, confusion, lack of trust, acting out, and may even exhibit academic problems. Acting out can be different depending on the age. For example, teens can be sexually acting out in an attempt to play out what was perceived from their parents. These children as adults may have a hard time building trust and may even become cheaters themselves. Parents don’t think of the ramifications infidelity has on their children nor do they intend for their children to feel this way, but unfortunately every child is unique. Every child will react by either aligning with the parent that has been betrayed or by mimicking their parents in adulthood. To avoid generational patterns and avoid children from being affected, seek help to either move the marriage forward or end the marriage. It’s okay to admit that love no longer exists. Don’t think of your own needs, but of the pain you can cause to the entire family..

Lisette Beraja is a Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Founder of Beraja Counseling Center. She’s also a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator and an 11th Judicial Court-approved Parenting Coordinator. To set up an appointment, call 305.858.7763 or visit

Stress Less
It causes muscle cramps, indigestion, backaches and even overeating. We’re talking about stress. Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep yourself calm, cool and collected year-round:

Just Joking
Not only does laughing generally mean you’re having a good time, it also causes physical changes in your body that help lower stress. Next time you’re having a bad day, break out those old joke books.




Work Out
Everyone keeps telling you how good exercise is for you. That’s because it’s true. Physical activity releases endorphins and helps focus your mind, eliminating stressors. Plus, it benefits your waistline.




No more all-nighters — sleep is one of the best ways to keep your stress level low. It also leaves you better equipped to handle those stress-inducing to-do lists. You’re never too busy for a good night’s rest.