City Vibes

For 10 years, Megan Laich has been serving up drinks for some of South Florida’s most notable celeb VIPS: The locals.
Text by Eric Nathal Photos by Chris Bejarano | June 8, 2018 | People

Whether you were an early explorer of the Miami bar scene 10 years ago or just discovered it, chances are Megan Laich has served you a cocktail. The Detroit native moved to Miami in 2003 to purse a master’s degree in international relations. It was in Downtown Miami where she found a home working at I/O Lounge with Poplife, Miami’s well-known entertainment production group. Working at venues like PS 14, Whiteroom, Ecco Lounge, Electric Pickle and Bardot, she’s witnessed the area’s transformation from desolate to nightlife mecca. “So much has changed in a decade,” she says. “I remember when there would only be one club in the neighborhood that everyone went to each night, now there are so many more choices!”
Laich has been at her current gig since 2011 serving up cocktails at The Garret & Grand Central — two of Poplife’s venues. Her favorite cocktail creation is called Warm Cinnamon Apple. “Even though the ‘cold’ season in Miami is nothing compared to the Midwest, when it does get a little chilly, this drink reminds me of cozy winter nights,” she says. And whether you drink it at her bar or in the comforts of your own home, she guarantees that making this cocktail will have everything around you smelling delicious.
Tending bar at a pair of neighboring venues has its benefits. Grand Central offers up exceptionally diverse music acts while The Garret (upstairs) has more of an intimate setting. If you haven’t been to The Garret, she recommends Fridays for Peachfuzz. It’s a classic hip-hop party that features amazing DJs and celebrity guests. In fact, Uncle Luke performed for their 2-year Anniversary. “A lot of celebs, especially musicians, have come to see performances at Grand Central,” she says. “Grand Central & The Garret are places were celebs can go and just be amongst people catching a great show instead of having to do it up with the whole South Beach bottle experience.” So who are her favorite celebrity customers? Lil’ Wayne and Miley Cyrus. “I will confirm that Miley Cyrus definitely twerked at Peachfuzz,” reports Laich. “I love her!”

Warm Cinnamon Apple
1 oz. Ketel One
1 oz. Gran Marnier
1/2 oz. Goldschläger
4 oz. Warm Apple Cider
1 tbsp. Cinnamon Sugar
Cinnamon Stick
for garnish