Cashmere Canines

Elegant lines. Fine materials. Cutting-edge style. No, we’re not talking about a runway show. But we are talking about how Canine Royalty sets out to dress the furry members of our families with a fashion-forward wardobe collection.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

Ah, who says dogs don’t have designer tastes? “In order to truly raise the bar in the pet apparel category, which traditionally has focused on costumes or synthetic clothing marketed for the masses, I needed to approach development of the brand in a similar way to that of high-end fashion lines,” says Erin Walsh, Owner of Canine Royalty. “This means working with only premium cashmere and merino wool yarns from sources such as Millefili and Biella, and partnering with designers and manufacturers who produced for established luxury brands for people.” She has exceeded her goal to create sweaters and jackets that humans could be envious of with her “coveted classics reimagined for the canine set.” Just launched last year, the company’s next venture is modern handcrafted pet bedding;