Breaking Out

Miami Breakers’ main objective has always been to mold strong-minded individuals who show tremendous potential for being successful not only in soccer but in life.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos by Nick Garcia | May 19, 2018 | People

Founded just 3 years ago by aspiring coaches Juan Yalet and Eric Vasquez in their search for a developmental soccer program in the Brickell/Coral Gables/Coconut Grove area, Miami Breakers has grown from 20 enthusiastic kids to over 300 participants. The coaches, many ex-professional soccer players, teach not just the fundamentals of soccer but instill values, morals and a sense of discipline and respect in kids that will serve them well throughout life. With the support of the City Of Miami and sponsorship from Fortune International Group, they are able to offer a large amount of scholarships to provide an environment where kids feel appreciated. “Being raised in Miami has opened our eyes to how much we as teachers lack in guiding children to learn that it’s OK to make mistakes…but it’s even better to learn from them.”;