Blink Impact

If you want to get your message across to a qualified audience quick enough to keep them interested, you might want to give the folks at NewsProNet a call...stat!
text by Jorge Arauz Photo by | July 8, 2018 | People

Name: Giselle Mas

NewsProNet Video, Inc.
80 SW 8th St., Ste. 2230
Miami, FL 33130

Elevator Pitch: “Acquired in 2006 from NBC, NewsProNet is a strategic content creation company with a B2B distribution model. Our clients want to get information out to the public (external) or within their company for training purposes (internal). Our services include consulting and client training to maximize the effectiveness of video messages. Our clients include stations owned by major affiliate groups such as ABC, CBS/Viacom, NBC and Fox. We also work with several Federal agencies including Health & Human Services and Homeland Security. Most recently, we’ve been running pre-roll ads for and”

What Sets You Apart? “We create content that provides a strategic audience development solution to broadcasters either by direct appeals to key demographics (story topics researched by sex, age, race) or by unique content franchises that respond to proven audience interests and evolving interest trends (i.e. health, weather, consumer finances and solutions). We also support clients on maximizing the effectiveness of this material.”

Future Goals: “We’re creating custom delivery options for clients and offering a variety of business models to choose from in order to expand our client base, including 15-second pre-roll advertising and Cost Per Click (CPC) options.”