Brand Impact

Having the dynamic duo of a photographer and makeup artist on set is crucial for the crew, the subject and the inevitable magic that happens on a photoshoot. Alejandra Escalante and Nona achieve all that and more.
Words by Anja Maltav | April 26, 2024 | People

As a personal brand photographer, Alejandra Escalante believes that by working closely with a professional makeup artist like Nona she’s able to provide clients with a comprehensive photography service that helps them stand out in a competitive market. “My recommendation for personal brand photography is that it’s always best to keep the makeup natural and clean,” they say. “Avoid heavy contouring or dramatic looks that may distract from the overall message of the photo.” Lighting also plays a crucial role, as does location and backdrop, applying photography techniques and makeup in a way that enhances a client’s features and looks good in different lighting situations. “Working together has fostered a sense of collaboration and teamwork on set,” they say. “We work closely with our clients to understand the vision for the shoot and contribute their creative input to help bring that vision to life.”;