Bizarre Requests

We interviewed executive and personal assistants around town to learn about the most bizarre requests they’ve had to fulfill in order to keep their jobs and stop their boss from yelling “You’re fired!”
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 23, 2018 | Lifestyle

ISO Unicorn
“I was once hired by a very successful entrepreneur to help handle his personal life matters. I soon learned that he wanted me to help find him a wife. He handed me a binder with a look-book of women he was attracted to, education and experience requirements and a list of very specific characteristics he was looking for. He insisted she be left-handed (just like his mother) and he would only consider marrying a natural blonde. I quit after a few days since I couldn’t find his unicorn.”
— Miss Match Maker

Competitive Rewards
“I once worked for a real estate broker who was a beast at closing deals. After every close, he’d reward himself with the same splurge: a bottle of 1996 Dom Perignon. He also had a list of pre-determined extras he wanted to treat himself to for achieving certain benchmarks — like a private concert with his favorite singer, a very rare Himalayan Birkin for his wife and a Sunseeker Predator 68 yacht. He definitely kept his eye on the prize and I enjoyed living vicariously through him.”
— Power Purchaser

International Chase
“I got a dream gig as the personal assistant to a major financier who relocated from Zurich to Miami with his family. He had several homes throughout the world and had plenty of money to burn. One day he sent me on a hunt for his wife’s reading glasses that were left behind on a trip to Dubai. I had to track down the glasses with the car service they used and then personally fly to the other side of the globe to pick them up. I still don’t know why they couldn’t just order another pair!”
— Far Sighted

Diaper Drama
“For weeks, my boss was nervous about her upcoming trip to Denmark, Norway and Sweden with her husband and 2 kids, both in diapers. It was the first time they traveled with the youngins. She asked me calculate how many diapers each child would need, research the availability of her preferred diaper brand at each destination and arrange for the delivery of the diapers at each hotel prior to her arrival. I don’t have kids so I’d never even thought about how to source the perfect diaper abroad.”
— Diaper Rash