Beauty Zap

Celebrity esthetician Melanie Stewart has garnered a cult-like following for her youth-giving electric facials, now she’s marketing her coveted in-office treatments for home use.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | December 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

Melanie Stewart’s revolutionary ZIIP Beauty is an esthetician in your palm. The attractively styled unit delivers a groundbreaking combination of micro and nano currents at very specific waveforms to increase ATP, a key factor in collagen production. The accompanying Golden Gel is a wild concoction that includes 24-karat gold and synthetic cone snail venom (yes, cone snail venom) that is specifically formulated to create a pathway for the electricity to move through. Users then choose one of the treatments on the app from the “Electrical Cocktail” menu — Energize, Sensitive Energize, Vitaleyes or Total Clearing. An alert will pop up saying “Send this treatment to your ZIIP?” — tap the button and your ZIIP will begin ticking and flashing to let you know it’s good to go;