Beautifully Bold

Nothing says success like having twenty Sirena 68 yachts already sold before the world debut at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival. The innovative Germán Frers hull design delivers world-class range by allowing displacement speeds for extended cruising, while encapsulating a cavernous volume of space that allows everyone onboard to spread out and get comfortable, but still be together in relaxed luxury.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | Photos by Pozitif Studio | September 26, 2021 | Luxury

Sirena Marine’s vision is to develop internationally-renowned yachting brands by drawing on the talents of world-leading designers like Germán Frers and Cor D. Rover, and combining their skills with proven, hard-won manufacturing expertise and considerable engineering knowhow. They also listen to their customers — the delightful new 68 is the direct result of Sirena’s response to customer requests. “The Sirena 68 brings together all the qualities that experienced cruisers would seek in a new yacht— essentially an upgrade in comfort and confidence in all areas,” says Ali Onger, Chief Commercial Officer. “The vibe of the Sirena 68 starts with the details. When each person steps aboard, their eyes come to rest on a facet or a fabric, an accent or an angle, some hint that lets them know they’re welcome in a way that is somehow simultaneously familiar and new.”

The 68 is an evolution of the well-proven Sirena 64, showing with a number of notable improvements throughout, making it an appealing option for enthusiasts around the world, reports yacht designer Germán Frers. “A new general arrangement styling and a larger main deck area, including full height saloon windows in combination with a bulwark transparent opening, as well as the larger hull windows are a great contribution to the appeal of this newcomer to the line of successful motor yachts,” he says. “On deck, the front area has been arranged for sun bathing and a relaxed life at sea. There are a number of options offered by the builder including a Jacuzzi. The bridge deck is also very ample and there is an enclosed version offered for the colder climates, with direct access to the main saloon below. The general style is elegant and purposefully modern, including the unique well-tested hull configuration design, efficient at a wide range of speeds.” 

Entering from the aft deck, one is welcomed by the airy saloon, where a dining area and open-concept galley await. The dynamic play of light in this expansive space, brilliantly yielded from the enormous panes of glass, draw the eye to ever-changing views. “The beautiful panoramic view of the Sirena 68 is breathtaking; the large windows on all sides keep us in touch with what is around us,” says yacht designer Cor D. Rover. “The interior looks and feels spacious and easily accessible. As cooking becomes more and more central on board, the open galley concept is a focal point in the salon, a relaxed social spot, a gathering place for family and guests. The design of the galley has therefore been taken to the next level and integrated into the overall design concept and stands out in terms of functionality.”

Ultimately, the 68 is about personal taste with numerous accommodations layouts available and a wide array of customization options in terms of color palettes. “The design inspiration is filled with light, airy materials and color choices that soothes the senses and invites the environment in,” he says. “The indoor/outdoor feeling seems to disappear due to the natural transition of sunlight and indoor experience.” The pale and light gray colors almost give you a ZEN-like feeling. The tranquility of the color scheme brings peace and contemplation. At the same time, it challenges you to go out and explore.”

“Serenity” is all about light honey-colored wood and soft semi-gloss lacquer that embraces you as you enter the salon. This warm and inviting atmosphere makes you feel right at home. Accents of cognac leather complete the warm and inviting look, creating the perfect atmosphere for making memories on the water with family and close friends. “Elegance” features bold dark wood and anthracite lacquer to create a very masculine and energetic look without being heavy. “A high contrast is created by the use of the finest white leathers and fabrics, resulting in an interior that feels stylish, yet contemporary and encourages you to push your limits,” he says. “This modern look feels like an open loft and harmonizes with the colors of the yacht’s exterior.”

The unstinting luxury continues on the lower deck, where the amidship master stretches across the full beam. A king-size berth welcomes the owner, along with a serene floating sensation that is provided thanks to the unique inventive lighting design and to the large hullside windows which admit large amounts of natural light. Each Sirena build is the result of state-of-the-art technology combined with unparalleled handcrafting capabilities. All Sirena Marine product lines are manufactured in the company’s own facility, where over 600 employees — including 80 engineers — work in 155,000 square meters of area. By keeping key manufacturing activities, such as stainless steel, furniture, teak and upholstery as well as all composite parts, in-house, the company is building its own experience and skills. All of these efforts have led Sirena Marine to become one of the leading yacht manufacturers in the Mediterranean region.

All Sirena Yachts’ hulls and decks are built using the vacuum-infusion method, allowing Sirena Marine to combine today’s leading state-of-the-art technology with top-of-the-line consolidated yachting craftsmanship principles. Tools and processes are co-engineered with worldwide suppliers, where 400 years of handcrafting experience and passion in yacht building guarantee meticulous execution, detailing and world-class quality. The result is a history of stunning yachts leading up to the beautiful new world-class Sirena 68;