Supreme Seat

The most important accessory in any office is the chair. Think about it — regardless of whether you're on the phone, reading e-mails or just idly looking out the window, most of the time you are doing so while seated.
Words by Jorge Arauz | September 26, 2021 | Luxury

Now with the Ares Line Xten by Pinanfarina you can sit in extreme style. Best known for designing cars for Ferrari, Fiat, GM, Maserati and many more, Pinifarina’s drafting tables have also designed everything from buildings to buses. They most recently combined forces with Italian furniture manufacturing firm Ares Line to create the ultimate office chair. With a $1.5 million price tag, only a select few posteriors will grab a seat, which was created to combine exceptional beauty with uncompromising comfort even after 8 hours of uninterrupted use. Designed to conform to the user’s body contours, the Xten utilizes Technogel to firmly hold the body in place. Unlike traditional office chairs, the Xten’s seat and back adjust independently of each other to ensure lumbar support, with the back automatically adjusting to every movement by means of an active support positioning system. The craftsmanship is remarkable, resulting in a chair that is also a work of art. This is truly a chair worthy of a billionaire’s buttocks;