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FaceTite is a bladeless, scarless procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to firm loose or sagging skin in the lower face, jowls and neck, making you feel years younger without a facelift.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 29, 2020 | Beauty & Wellness

Sun exposure, smoking, genetics, significant weight loss and the aging process can take a drastic toll on our skin — especially in the neck, jowls and face. If you’re tired of looking older than you feel, but aren’t quite ready to go under the knife, Dr. John J. Martin, M.D., suggests FaceTite as an excellent option. This revolutionary new radiofrequency treatment tightens the lower face/jowls and neck via a small cannula that enters through a stab incision with no sutures needed. Powered by RFAL technology 3D remodeling of the tissue, it works by tightening the skin from within the dermis. The treatment is performed under local anesthetic so the patient feels nothing as the small hand-held applicator passes radiofrequency energy through an internal electrode. There are no incisions, only tiny pin-pricks that heal within days. Improvements of up to 40% skin tightening have been reported;