Beautiful Life

Most stylists are known for excelling at a specific part of the job, either color, or cuts, or styling. Hisham prides himself on having perfected all aspects of the industry.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | August 26, 2019 | Lifestyle

“As a kid, I was extremely confident, almost defiant. Self-confidence is important to be a successful stylist. Clients trust you with a very important part of themselves and their look, and a lack of confidence can be spotted immediately.”

Hisham has wanted to work with hair since he was a child. “The day I became a professional stylist, I achieved my life’s dream,” he says. “Everything I have lived since is extra.” Creativity is part of his soul. He has designed and built couches, dining tables and all kinds of furniture. He also loves painting and doing art projects. “I’m also very skillful cook, but hardly ever do it — maybe once a year for special occasions.” 

He started his hair career at age 16, and before moving to the U.S. had won several international hair competitions. As can be expected, there have been many humorous moments along the way. When he first moved to the U.S., he worked at a salon without being able to speaking a word of English or Spanish. He had to communicate with everyone in French, a language no one spoke at that establishment. “For almost a year, any special request was explained with signs and gestures,” he says. “Through all of this, I was still able to make every guest feel extremely happy and quickly made a name for myself as ‘The French Guy’ — a name I am very fond of to this day!” 

Today, at Hair by Hisham, he’s the proud stylist of many local VIP, celebrities and TV anchors. “Seeing the name of my salon on Channel 10 every day makes me smile,” he says. Ironically, he never imagined that he’d open a hair salon. “My plan always was — and still is — to open a beauty school focusing on a return to classic hairstyling like at the Alexandre De Paris school from which I graduated,” he says. “I excel at unique haircuts, astounding colors, styling and world-class makeup for brides and special celebrations.”;