Artful Winding

Most watch collectors focus on the timepieces, viewing the accessories, such as winders, as mere afterthoughts. The LumiSidus is an exception that can outshine the beauty of even the finest mechanical watch.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 15, 2018 | Luxury

Those who collect and enjoy mechanical watches quickly learn that sooner or later, when they aren’t worn continuously, the movements will stop. This leads to one of two choices: wind them when they are worn, which can mean resetting the date each time, or use a winder to keep them running. For the most part, winders typically resemble humidors, and while often attractive, are usually tucked away in a safe. The German-made LumiSidus 11 has a value that would warrant it residing inside such secure confines, but its outrageous beauty makes it more likely to be showcased in full view. Resembling a 24kt gold ferris wheel that accommodates 11 (hence the name) timepieces, the LumiSidus is as mechanically marvelous as it is gorgeous. Tucked into their individual tubular compartments, watches are perfectly secure as they are gently rotated to ensure consistent, continuous operation;