A Matter of Perspective

I remember experiencing my first solar eclipse when I was a kid.
Words by Jorge Arauz | December 27, 2020 | Lifestyle

”Each of us is like a novel — we have a beginning, a middle and an end. At some point, we each play the hero — or the villain — in someone else’s story.” 

It left me with the eeriest feeling. I vividly recall the sudden darkness, the wind picking up and all the nocturnal animals and bugs coming out of their hiding places for a few minutes, howling and growling and buzzing, only to freeze and retreat back like vampires once the sun returned. As an adult, I experienced another powerful solar eclipse in India that occurred in the middle of my proposal to my wife. This particular phenomenon was accompanied by a severe sandstorm and freezing rain with hail. Taken by the emotion of it all, she said YES! (My Indian friends assure me the whole ordeal was a GOOD omen!). Before this, even the thought of solar eclipses made me feel uneasy. Not too different from that unsettling feeling of uncertainty that many of us felt for most of 2020. As we welcome in new hope for 2021, we must remain grateful for what we have, for what we’ve accomplished, and most importantly, for what we’ve learned.