A.I. World

Soon those slow web portals and painful phone calls with a bank’s customer support will be nothing but bad memories as banks shift to chatbots and voice assistants to make transactions a lot less stressful.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | December 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s wife Majel was the voice of the helpful computer through the television series and countless movies. In retail banking, customers will soon be able to make use of natural language processing technology to speak to their bank and have answers come back to them immediately. When surveyed, more than 72% of people said they would be willing to open an account and do other complex transactions with A.I. Banking. While the general public will find banking easier with voice interaction, elderly and disabled banking customers may see the most improvement as they can bank without the hassle of going to a local branch or looking at their smartphone or computer screen. The future of banking, then, is about engaging with customers in the digital ways they expect and delivering the services they demand. Voice-activated banking can be expected to soar well above 50% before long, with consumers transacting by voice at home, at work and on-the-go.