The President’s Limo, a.k.a “The Beast” is nice enough, but it looks like a Toyota Camry next to this SUV. The Rhino is tough enough to survive a zombie invasion, but it has an interior that’s nicer than The Donald’s ride.
Text by Bill Lindsey | March 9, 2018 | Luxury

It’s easy to make a SUV look like a prop from Mad Max, but most of them are posers with bigger wheels, tires and a chrome pushbar. U.S. Specialty Vehicles (USSV) doesn’t like posers, as proven by the Rhino GX Executive. The Rhino is 19 feet of pure brawn, powered by a beefy yet refreshingly fuel-efficient diesel engine that keeps all the tires rolling no matter what you point it at. The passenger area, separated from the driver by a partition, consists of two black leather ottoman-like recliners facing a 40-inch monitor linked to satellite TV. Exterior color choices are limited to black, tan and olive drap; if an owner attempts to add chrome accents or have it wrapped in neon chrome, USSV will arrange for them to be “disappeared” to a detention facility in a third-world country. No doubt it is a bit of a handful in a parking garage, but it’s worth it for the reaction you’ll get when you roll up to Exhale Spa for a colonic in your shiny new Rhino;