You Know You’re An Entrepreneur When…

Starting your own business or a new venture isn’t easy. Luckily, for folks who have a natural instinct for entrepreneurship, conceptualizing and creating an empire is second nature.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | June 2, 2018 | Lifestyle

Your knack for business started at an early age.
In elementary school, you ran a lemonade stand; by middle school, you sold lollipops from your locker; and in high school, you started a lawn mowing business so you could have a little extra cash for a movie or to fund your next great idea. It wasn’t until you graduated college that you understood the true meaning of supply and demand.

Ideas race through your mind like runners zipping by during a marathon.
You ensure your creativity is hydrated by keeping a waterproof marker in the shower, having an idea board handy in your office and recording a collection of voice notes on your phone. In other words, you’re armed and ready to jot stuff down at a moment’s notice. After all, some of the best ideas have been born on the back of a napkin.

Your office is in your head.
When asked where you work, you freeze and stare blankly for a moment while you try not to cringe at the thought of walking through narrow hallways toward a cramped cubical. That’s not you…your office is in your brain so you get things done on your phone, your laptop or from the couch. One day you’re getting things done at the pool, the next you’re checking off your to-do list on a flight to a big industry conference. How’s that for a mobile office?

Following Rules, regulations, guidelines & instructions isn’t all that important.
Just because things are done a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t tweak the process. Entrepreneurs understand that astronomical change happens only when rules and routines are challenged. Just make sure the rules you’re breaking don’t land you in the slammer. It’s bad for business.

Your calendar is your best friend.
Spouse wants some sweet time? You’re free from 8 p.m. ‘till bedtime. Your buddy wants to grab a drink? How about a quick happy hour next Tuesday? Being an entrepreneur requires hard work and some serious organization. Entrepreneurs know that time is money and the best way to increase your ROI (and ROR) is by finding balance between deadlines and downtime.

You’ve perfected the elevator pitch.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading up to the penthouse or down to the parking garage, you’ve memorized your 30-second introduction like it’s a script for the role of a lifetime. And it is. Because, well, it’s the best autobiography ever written. You may not get an Academy Award, but you’ll definitely get a lead or two.

You’re a Pretty good puzzle-solver.
Your neighbor tells you about a new app she wants to develop and your brainwaves spike. Immediately, you envision the team: John will handle the front-end design; Brian can create the code; and Samantha will take care of the SEO and digital media strategy. In short, entrepreneurs are invested in a very valuable asset: relationships. They have a knack for sniffing out strengths and weeding out weaknesses…in others and in themselves.

You approach everything gut-first.
Ever gotten that sinking feeling about a deal that seemed too good to be true and it was? Or felt uneasy when shaking hands with a shifty salesman who turned out to be a Ponzi schemer? Entrepreneurs allow their inner voice to do the talking. But even razor-sharp instincts can sometimes falter. Entrepreneurs are always learning from their mistakes and adjusting their tactics so that their empire keeps going strong.