Working Out

Kamps Fitness Co-Founder Sam Karl fell in love with fitness the day he started college. What was originally a hobby, soon shifted into something much more as he realized this was his opportunity to help as many people as possible.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 26, 2019 | Lifestyle

“We focus on HIIT,  where you have a burst of a workout followed by a shorter recovery period. It’s definitely an effective way to burn calories and fat!”

Sam Karl’s fitness journey started in his senior year of college. He did, and still does, suffer from migraines. “A doctor told me that I needed to change my diet,” he says. “At the same time I started eating very healthy, I started working out. I saw a major shift in how my body looked and felt. I continued working out throughout law school at CrossFit, competing in triathlons and creating my own workouts.” After law school, he became a trainer, teaching classes at 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. while practicing law during the day. “The next thing I knew, I gave up practicing law and took on group fitness and personal training full time,” he says. “Wearing shorts and a t-shirt everyday definitely beats putting on a suit and tie!” After spending some time working in the fitness industry, he and his brother, Ari, came up with the idea to start Kamps Fitness, a combination of bootcamps and college campuses. “We had the original idea of bringing a group fitness studio to the heart of college campuses around the country,” he says. “We wanted to bring an amazing product to a market where it does not exist for a much cheaper price.” So far they’ve opened 3 studios and that’s just the beginning;