Work-At-Home Wisdom

Forrester Research’s US Telecommunting Forecast predicts the number of Americans who head into the office without leaving home will rise to 63 million this year. Which presents a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 16, 2018 | Lifestyle

A separate home office allows you to keep your work product in one area and lessens temptations such raiding the fridge or watching TV. If it suits your personality and particular career, consider a standing desk. You can also add some flair with diffusers and the background noise of your choosing.

Some people can work at all hours. Most of us need a set schedule, which offers both mental benefits and traditionally results as well as an improved work product. Always track your hours…lest you go to the other extreme and your home becomes a 24/7 office instead of the haven it’s meant to be.

Various studies have shown that for most of us, dressing for work gives us a stronger work ethic than wearing pajamas or even simply being sloppy all day. Make working out part of your workday: morning, lunch, early afternoon or a treat after work. Figure out what best boosts your productivity.

Maintain social connections via electronic inter-office interactions as well as reaching out to peer groups and friends throughout the day. Nobody likes to work with a hermit; it’s not fun being one. It’s important to schedule meetings and healthy social activities out of the house as well.