Woman Power

Worldwide organizations of photographers, art historians, curators and artists from more than 15 countries will convene in Miami to build upon the dynamic history and contributions of women creatives from the 19th century to date.
Words by Anja Maltav | October 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

As the first international convening of its kind, WOPHA Congress: Women, Photography & Feminisms invites women photography organizations and artists around the world to an in-person and online space for dialogue, celebration and critical debate about women’s contributions to modern and contemporary art. The aim is to rewrite the established artistic canon while provoking significant social change. Conceptualized by Latinx Art Historian & Curator Aldeide Delgado, the Congress will take place at PAMM and online for all to experience and contribute to the topics discussed. A program of city-wide photography exhibitions and related events will accompany the event. “I believe in the power of photography as a political force to rearrange the structure of power and domination of society,” says Delgado; Nov. 18 & 19; Free and open to the public;