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Ginny Simon, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner & Chef is out to make the world a little healthier with Mindful Organics, a company she created to educate and encourage people to live life to the fullest.
Text by Baz Lurz Photo. Courtesy of Mindful Organics | July 5, 2018 | People

One day, while taking a soothing walk with one of her sons down the beach, Ginny Simon casually wondered what would happen if all of her life’s passions melded into one. She thought about it for a bit and all of a sudden it hit her, and she realized what she was destined to do for the rest of her life. The result was Mindful Organics, a company that brings together her love of organic living with her spiritual side and appreciation of cooking and entertaining. For many, her brainchild came as no surprise. Even as a child she remembers looking forward to shopping trips with her dad to gourmet markets where she admired all of the delicious offerings, especially the dried apricots. Today there’s nowhere, besides maybe her own garden or kitchen, that she’d rather be than at a busy, fresh market full of fruits and veggies. “My passion for food and cooking, as well as the enjoyment of interacting with others that share the same interest, is behind the services offered at Mindful Organics,” she says. “It’s simple…what goes into your body affects the way your body ages, performs, reacts, functions and feels. Mindful Organics is here to rejuvenate, recover and regain control over your eating, shopping and cooking habits.” In her own life, Ginny takes the organic path, treating her body as a temple and living her life aware of the way her lifestyle affects her wellbeing and the health of the environment. “Even my husband and four boys have embraced the organic lifestyle and taken on healthy eating and exercise habits,” she says. Mindful Organics offers a variety of services including educational workshops where participants explore Ginny’s garden to learn about organic foods before enjoying a beautifully prepared meal with fresh garden ingredients. She also offers organic market shops where guests explore the organic offerings through a guided shopping session at one of Miami’s local markets. Additionally, their cooking workshops teach students how to prepare delicious, healthy, organic meals for themselves and their families. Ginny also recently launched Mindful Nutrients, a line of patented, professionally-formulated supplements that provide strength, energy, and an overall healthier, younger feeling. For more information, visit