Whisker Wisdom

Did you know that a dog’s whiskers — found on the muzzle, above the eyes and below the jaws — are technically known as vibrissae? They are touch-sensitive hairs than can actually sense minute changes in airflow. Their movement can also indicate the animal’s state of mind.
Words by Casey “The Dachshund” Lindsey | November 26, 2020 | Lifestyle


“I love treats. Treats are the greatest and they help me learn. We all deserve to treat ourselves — life is too short!”

Yaeger’s foster mom says he’s a good boy with the greatest personality and she loves to spoil him sometimes with his favorite human junk food — French fries! This 4-year-old 62 lb. Labrador Retriever/Bulldog Mix loves attention and needs to be the only pet at home. Due to his energetic disposition, he needs an experienced handler who knows how to give him boundaries and structure. He would love to have a human sibling as his best friend and playmate, but they need to be mature, at least 16+ years old;

Muzzle Etiquette

A muzzled dog? He must be aggressive! It’s a common misconception that a dog in a muzzle automatically means he’s a killer. More often than not, dogs who are on muzzles are the nicest dogs that may just have some fear issues, play a little too rough with others, or have a habit of picking up inappropriate items on walks. A lot of trainers recommend that dogs be conditioned to the muzzle even if they never need it. For example, when taking our dog to the vet, if they have to do an uncomfortable procedure, the vet may muzzle the dog as a safety precaution even if the dog has never shown any signs of aggression. Situations like this happen more often than one may think, and it’s better to always be prepared rather than put your dog through unnecessary stress. Muzzle conditioning is something that can be done using purely positive reinforcement! Most, if not all, dogs that are conditioned properly, have no issues wearing muzzles if needed. It’s a great tool to keep both dogs and humans safe!


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