When it comes to bar menus across the world, a drink’s name can make it bubble to the top of patrons’ must-haves or have it fall flat. Join us as we trace the past, present and future of cocktail nomenclature at a bar near you.
Text by Anja Maltav | May 17, 2018 | Lifestyle

Have you ever ordered a Dancing Bear, Fuzzy Navel or every tourist’s favorite Sex On The Beach? How about a Singapore Sling, Alabama Slammer or the elusive Florida Tracksuit, an icy cocktail featuring orange vodka and raspberry liqueur with Red Bull? A cocktail’s name is not only a unique selling point, it can also justify higher pricepoints on the menu. It’s branding 101. Some uniquely-named drinks were so wildly successful that they turned into their very own categories — think Martinis, Mojitos and Margaritas as prime examples. Although they all started as groundbreaking barman creations, they quickly catapulted into household names with their very own collection of creatively concocted names: Tutti-Frutti Martini, Apple Mojito or Mango Margarita, anyone? Like anything else, there are some unspoken rules to follow when coming up with the perfect name for a new libation. First, the garnish or glass used should have absolutely no affect on the naming of a recipe. Secondly, and possibly most important, a time-tested recipe should be used at the base for any new drink because familiarity is key to a drink’s success. Finally, adding any new ingredient to an existing concoction, such as a Daiquiri, should yield a fresh new name. For example, adding an ounce of condensed milk to a traditional Daiquiri could result in a new drink named a “Sweet Moo Daiquiri.” Whatever you decide to order the next time you shimmy up to the bar, make sure you know what you’re getting. Nobody wants to sip on something new if it’s going to cause them to utter the dreaded, yawn-inducing line: “I’ll have the usual.”

Name That Drink
Not sure what to call the nifty new cocktail you’ve whipped up at home to wow all your guests? Don’t fret. Interactive website lets you generate up to 10 creative names for both alcoholic and virgin drinks. Start with selecting adjectives to describe the flavor, ingredient and color of your new libation and then plug in the type of liquor used and the desired effect the drink will have on the consumer. A few seconds later, the site spits out 10 random potential names for your drink. Don’t like any of them? Click refresh and get 10 more names to choose from. You’ll have thirsty folks ordering your newly named liquid masterpiece in no time.