Wealth Coach

Suzanne DeWitt’s 24+ years of experience reads like a brunch buffet on Mother’s Day, her role has morphed into what she describes as a “legal, tax and business finance life coach.”
Words // Anja Maltav | Photos Edward Leal | September 28, 2022 | People

From beginning her career in the prestigious international tax consulting group at (what was then) a “Big 5” Public Accounting Firm, followed by her experience as an international tax and private banking attorney in top-tier law firms, and then mix in her work on the securities’ side and fiduciary space, the role of Suzanne DeWitt has expanded exponentially. “A single service line, such as International Tax Law, feels like an incomplete solution to the multiple layers involved with tax minimization, company finance and business continuity planning for HNWI, families and private businesses,” she says. “At any point during the year, the client should have a snap-shot of their assets, their market value, and a clear picture of their ownership vs. control.” What’s more, she takes an entrepreneurial approach to what she calls “the practice of life.” It boils down to filling the communication gap for the client by translating technical advice into not only understandable (and surprisingly interesting!) practical and workable terms, but also giving the client the opportunity to make their own fully informed decisions to expertly manage their wealth;