Watercraft Wonders

No longer just a water toy — though they’re still tons of outrageous fun — today’s Personal Water Craft (PWC) are a symbol of a lifestyle. A concept which esteemed brand Sea-Doo has strongly embraced.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 30, 2020 | Lifestyle

On, in and around the water, Sea-Doo wants to take you to a place where the air smells like coconut and hibiscus. A world where one hand is on the throttle and the other is on a sprinkle donut. Where the wind ripples through your hair, and perfect serenity can be found on the tip of a wave. A place where unleashing your passion for speed just feels right. Their Recreation Line is the all-purpose, jack-of-all trade. Versatile and nimble, these PWC are ready for any adventure. Looking for more sedate cruising with a dash of excitement, The Touring lineup is the ticket to the posh life. Daredevils and Tony Stark fans alike will want to bypass the first two and go straight to the Performance collection. These vehicles rip. Waterskiiers and towable toy enthusiasts will be blown away with the handling of the Tow Sports models. Hang loose and hang on tight. Want one for the kids so they’re not always borrowing yours? The entry level Rec-Lite Spark provides easy thrills. Whatever you choose, it is all about living the Sea-Doo Life;