Visionary Energy

What makes multi-dimensional artist Haiiileen’s creations so intrinsically distinctive is her synesthesia, a rare sensory condition which transforms everything she hears into visual imagery.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | December 27, 2020 | Lifestyle

For first generation Cuban-American and Miami native, Haiiileen, it is essential to explore emotional language and self-evolution, driven by her never-ending curiosity. This led her to study physics, in order to grasp a full understanding of how sound, light and color all interact with one another. She then incorporates her findings into breathtaking, thought-provoking 3D mediums and installations, where she can bring her synesthetic visions to life and transport her viewers to transcendent, alternate worlds via photography, sculpture, installation, performance, audio and video. The theme of Aqueous, ARTECHOUSE’s current installation, is Pantone Blue and water. Haiiileen used this to create her own site specific commission Agua Haiii, an abstract interpretation presented in a dome bubble of the light that’s reflective of the ocean from the perspective of looking up from the ocean floor at the sun glints formed on the surface; thru Apr. 17;;