Visionary Design

Why settle for a short vacation to the exotic South Pacific? As the owner of 305 Design Center, Richard Kiibler is ready to help us bring their exotic handmade décor into our everyday life.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photo by RM Studio Corp | May 7, 2018 | People

Richard Kiibler has a diverse resume. He was born in Texas and graduated with a degree in marketing from Texas State where he attended on a tennis scholarship. He went on to own & operate the largest tennis club in the Clear Lake suburb of Houston. “After purchasing and renovating the entire club and its facilities, I realized how much I enjoyed working with the architects and designers on what was at that time a lifelong goal of owning a large private club and tennis facility,” he says. “From there, I ventured further into that world by joining a company that was developing real estate and resorts in Panama. Over the next 10 years, I worked for two different companies as the Director of Development.”
One of the projects he led allowed him to develop a large-scale hotel and residences project that featured a Balinese design concept. “I made a dozen trips to Bali and fell in love with the culture and uniqueness of all of the organic, handmade furnishings,” he says. “When I decided to make a change in my career, it made sense for me to bring those same type of products from Bali to Miami.”
As a result, in 2016, Kiibler opened 305 Design Center, which sells high-quality, handmade Indonesian pieces and outdoor furniture.” Many of the products are made of wood, teak, Suar and recycled woods from old fishing boats, coconut products mixed with resins and other organic materials. They carry everything from consoles made from old teak roots to giant slab wood tables with distinct and unique features. “When a client buys a piece of furniture or art from 305 Design Center, there’s no chance that anyone else will have the same piece,” says Kiibler. “I truly enjoy working with our clients to find or customize the perfect pieces for their home, and also love collaborating with builders and design teams.” Kiibler reports that lately the company has gotten involved with a few hotels in the Caribbean and estate-type homes in South Florida.
Looking toward the future, Kiibler wants to continue to grow the current location and clientele base in South Florida and abroad. His longer-range goal is to open more stores over the next few years. “I’d say that if there was a message or piece of advice I would offer it would be that it’s never too late to make a change,” he says. “The old adage that when one door closes another one opens is really true. Doing what makes you happy today may be different many years down the line. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on what you want.”;