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Virtuoso Architecture

Arquitectonica’s Bernardo Fort-Brescia turned the plans for Aria On The Bay into a masterpiece that only he could envision — and the results are as awe-inspiring and iconic as it gets.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 22, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

“When you start sketching for a project, you start looking at metaphors, at ideas and shapes you love,” shares Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Founder of Arquitectonica. And that’s exactly what he did with Aria On The Bay, the first project completely designed by him…top-to-bottom, inside and out. “We all love the ocean,” he says. “When we go to the beach, we see how the waves hit the sand, they create this series of shapes along the beach. When you look out at the bay, you see the wave crests on a windy day and how they form an interesting break. When I looked at this building and its position along Biscayne Bay, I thought of those shapes and how they could become almost a painting of that scene.” He then thought of the curving balconies in the great opera houses of Europe with their privileged views and imagined Aria On The Bay’s balconies as flying out into space. The view of the theater stage in this case is breathtaking Biscayne Bay. “The result is a confluence of organic shapes and opera house geometry,” he says. “I thought this would create a unique building — and Aria On The Bay is the result of that dream.”;