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Urban Vegetables

The rooftop garden trend may have started in New York, but Miami is giving the concept its own spin with one of the city’s first rooftop vegetable gardens atop Cassa Brickell.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos courtesy of Cassa Brickell | June 2, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Inspired by notable gardens in cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Bogota, Paris and London, Cassa Brickell’s rooftop garden will feature a large year-round selection of fresh herbs and vegetables, with the opportunity for residents to grow their own varieties. The garden will be curated by noted landscape design firm La Petite Fleur. They will be available as an educational resource for residents of the 81-unit boutique development who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to cultivate their personal favorites. Adjacent is a fully-equipped open rooftop kitchen for a unique farm-to-table experience above the city lights; 305.438.1259;