Unmistakable DNA

The $110,000 Pagani by Gibellini GP810HP camera is designed for those who love beauty for its own sake regardless of whether they are photography enthusiasts or not.
Words by Zelda Grant | October 27, 2022 | Luxury

One day, a friend gave Horacio Pagani a Gibellini analog camera. He thought of the hundreds of cellphone snaps he takes without enjoying the pleasure of taking a real photograph and the seed for the GP810HP was planted. “I thought of the magic, the strength and the time it takes to capture an image on a camera like this, after having reflected and meditated long and hard while waiting for the right light,” he says. “You’re not just taking a photo, you’re experiencing an emotion.” So he, along with his designer, engineer and materials expert colleagues, got to work designing a truly incredible photo camera. “We wanted to craft an object so painstakingly that it would arouse an emotion in the beholder,” he says. “Entering into the dynamics of such a complex mechanism was not easy, but with the help of Gibellini, this challenge became possible and I hope it will thrill you as much as it’s thrilled me.”;