Ultra Light

When it comes to choosing luggage, weight and durability are just as important as style. Tumi’s new Tegra-Lite collection covers all the bases beautifully.

You’ll find it in lifesaving armor, NASCAR racecars and on the field during NFL games. We’re talking about Tegris, a revolutionary form of thermoplastic composite that combines light-weight with space-age strength and durability. Which means it’s also an ideal material for your travel gear. Tumi has an exclusive on this high-tech material in the world of travel, using it to create their new Tegra-Lite Line. Each piece is extra-roomy with an easily maneuverable four-wheel design. These are bags that will handily stand up to the rigors of travel, solidly protecting your belongings — and looking pretty sharp in the process. Make one your companion on your next journey; $595-$795,