Next year, the Cartier LOVE Bracelet turns 50, yet its aesthetic remains as significant as when the first one appeared in the summer of 1969.

The original design from Aldo Cipullo, who focused on modern interpretations of ancient designs and legends, in this case a chastity belt, featured a two-piece bracelet that bolted around the wrist that came with a screwdriver to take it apart. In the ensuing decades, the design was re-imagined in keeping with the times, with newer versions featuring two interlocking circles featuring the classic bolts and no need for a screwdriver. Today there are 42 styles — from the celebrity favorite silk-banded pink gold LOVECHARITY Bracelet to benefit UNICEF all the way up to the $199,000 Love Cuff. The brand’s philanthropic division, the Cartier Charitable Foundation, supports non-profits working to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in the world’s least-developed regions;