Trip I.Q.

If travel is part of your regular schedule for work or pleasure, you may want to take these tips to heart the next time taking off into the horizon is on your agenda.
Compiled by Dena Roché | June 10, 2018 | Lifestyle

Bag Smart
“There are two kinds of airline bags…carry on…and LOST. So do what I’ve done for nearly a decade: Don’t check bags, FedEx them. You’re not schlepping bags, you’re not waiting in line, and when you arrive, they are waiting for you in your room!” — Peter Greenberg, The Travel Detective & CBS Early Morning Travel Correspondent

Sit Comfy
“If you don’t like your airline seat, keep checking back. As people change flights or get upgraded, better seats open up. And always ask at the gate if there are any empty seats…you could score adjoining seats for extra legroom. I do it on all flights and it almost always works!” — Ramsey Qubein, Travel Writer & Global Citizen

Get Recharged
“My Mophie has saved me on multiple occasions. I don’t always have time in the day to recharge my cell phone and, on the road, it gets used quite a bit. The Mophie is a phone case that can re-charge my iPhone to 100% with the simple flip of a switch.” — Adam Thaler, Road Warrior & COO for Bardon Insurance Group

Plan Ahead
“If you travel internationally frequently, work with International Passport Visas to get a second passport. Sometimes you need to travel while one is submitted, which can take up to a month to get back. This way, you’re always prepared for a last-minute trip.” — Mara Weber, Global Marcom Director for Honeywell