Tour De Force

Paint the town red, white, green, yellow — whatever color you prefer — and take art off the walls and into the streets in honor of Art Week and beyond.
Text by Mariela Ortega | April 18, 2018 | Fashion

It’s a question that’s haunted artisanal minds since dye first tinted cotton: Where, precisely, does art end and fashion begin? From arabesque-infused jalabiyaah to the artfully composed Kimonos of feudal Japan, a community’s artistic sensibilities and fashion sense have been involved in an ever-evolving cultural circuit, each pushing the other to new heights of internal expression and aesthetic excellence. And, just as the natural tints and dyes of an English countryside naturally inflected the clothing of a community, so too should Art Basel gracing our shores push our sizzling citizenry to a more eclectic and innovative look. In an era (and area) where dress codes have long gone the way of the dodo, having statement pieces or what we call wearable art is perfect for pushing your look to the next level. In short, be bold. For life is short, and one never knows which eccentric accessory will spearhead the next sensational trend.