Touchpad Teacher

Say “Rosetta Stone” and most people think “fast, convenient language training.” The same company that uses computers to make us efficiently multi-lingual, now wants to train our brains.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 12, 2018 | Lifestyle

Dr. James C. Rossner showed in his study titled The Impact Of Video Games On Training Surgeons In The 21st Century that video game play contributed to performance excellence in laparoscopic surgery. Similar tests (with similar results) have been done on fighter pilots and people in other precision-oriented careers. Fit Brains from Rosetta Stone takes their significant experience in training the human brain to learn foreign languages and uses it to improve our gray matter. The games, which can be played on a phone or tablet, are fun and available in a number of languages (naturally). You can choose from science-based games, Memory, Focus, Speed Emotional Intelligence as well as daily customized training sessions. All are designed to stimulate the user’s IQ and EQ (cognitive and emotional intelligence) simultaneously. The Western World’s average IQ has dropped significantly, the company report, and Fit Brain was created to bring those numbers back up;