TOP 20 Professionals Under Forty 

We scoured The Magic City to bring you the next generation of leaders at the tip of The Sunshine State. These young professionals represent a variety of industries and excel at their respective fields with their own unique signature blend of style, savvy and sophistication.

Interviews: Jorge Arauz
Photography: Julio Carlos
Hair & Makeup: Cesar Ferrette
Videography: Daniela Cuesta
Location: HGAB Studios, Midtown

Yury Bylina, 38

Sales Executive
OneWorld Properties

As a former Swimming Champion from Belarus, Yury Bylina’s drive is amongst his greatest traits. “I’ve always had a love for real estate, architecture, design and luxury,” he says. “I enjoy meeting new and interesting people from all over the world and helping them buy their dream home in Miami.”

Allyn Ginns Ayers, 34

LegalARTLink Director
Locust Projects
Rehearsal Director & Dancer 
Dance NOW! Miami;

Equally as comfortable performing ballet pirouettes as she is dishing out legalese, Allyn Ginns Ayers has a dual career as both an attorney and a professional dancer. “In other words, I’m a balLAWrina,” she says. “Always aim to be passionate and know what you are working toward — where there’s a why there’s a way!”

Giorgio G. Antoniazzi, 36 

Principal Architect  
Antoniazzi Architecture

Dedicating his life’s work to crystalizing and manifesting ideas through his full-service architectural firm, Giorgio G. Antoniazzi believes in the perfect marriage of aesthetics and clever design to create buildings that will stand the test of time for both present and future generations. “I love seeing the positive influence of a well-designed building on a street, neighborhood or city,” he says. “Beautiful buildings that enrich our cityscape not only raise the bar for developers but also encourage civic pride.”

Eric Milton, 28 

Chief Technology Officer & Owner’s Representative
United Property Management

From data investigations to cybersecurity implementation and everything in between, technology is the focus of Eric Milton’s professional endeavors at his family’s real estate company. He is also a Junior Board Member for the José Milton Foundation, where his philanthropic giving benefits the efforts of Jackson Health Foundation, United Way Miami, Red Cross and the University of Miami, among many others. “I have an absolute bias toward action,” he says.  “I’m adept at quickly assessing a situation and executing a course of action.”

Jamaal Jones, 37

Founder & Attorney
Jones Health Law

As a kid, Jamaal Jones loved to read books — and now as a lawyer, he treats every new case that comes across his desk as a “novel” with its own unique plot and a happy ending that he can help write. “Success takes time to achieve and you’ll experience setbacks along the way,” he says. “As long as you continue to reach for your dreams, they will eventually become a reality.”

Keiana Jones, 34

CEO & Founder
The STEM Kidz, CPS Group & CPS Int’l Foundation

Innovation is key in the STEM-focused career of tech industry executive Keiana Jones. “My passion for developing meaningful technology is only eclipsed by my drive to instill that same passion in future generations,” she says. “I plan to continue building my career as a leader in technology whose focus on empowerment and education will lift those around me and their communities.”

Angelica Santibanez, 38

Sr. Manager for Community Engagement & Public Policy

Always someone to lend a helping hand and volunteer her time, talent and treasure, Angelica Santibanez is destined to give back. Today, she gets to do just that with via one of the biggest platforms on the planet. “The most rewarding aspect of my role at Amazon is supporting community partners in driving impact throughout South Florida,” she says. “I work closely with local community stakeholders, business organizations and civic associations to support policy objectives and form collaborative, robust relationships.”

Trey Ferro, 25

Spot Pet Insurance

When Trey Ferro was looking for a city to take his pet insurance company to the next level, establishing his HQ in Miami was a no-brainer. “I realized early on that if my business was to grow and succeed, we needed to be in a city that promotes entrepreneurial values,” he says. “The more pets with insurance, the lower the euthanasia rate and the happier everyone can be knowing that financial stress isn’t a part of caring for your pet.”

Patricia Elizee, 39

Immigration Attorney 
Elizee Law Firm

From helping companies secure business visas for employees to watching families reunify, Patricia Elizee always puts her clients first. “Obtaining legal immigration status in the U.S. is life-changing for most,” she says. “I love being part of the process to help my clients reach their goals, celebrating all their milestones along the way.”

Juan Felipe Peña, 34

VP – Relationship Manager 
Specialty Finance Division
Amerant Bank

In his role at Amerant Bank, Juan Felipe Peña provides custom financial solutions to businesses through personalized attention to help them achieve their goals. He relishes the opportunity to continuously learn about the various industries he works with and understand the business models of his clientele to better serve them. “I always keep a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances,” he says. “The best advice I can offer is to be patient, be kind, be humble, and most importantly: live in the moment!”

Ricky Delgado, 33 

Creative Director
Breakwater Hospitality Group

For many, Ricky Delgado has a dream job. He spends most of his days coming up with memorable concepts for his company’s diverse portfolio of clients, including creating complete multimedia campaigns, developing ideas for full-scale events and dreaming up exciting visual experiences. “Creativity is the heart of innovation,” he says. “Always follow your passions — whether it be establishing the next big YouTube channel, or becoming the first person to colonize Mars. There’s truly no limit to what you can do when you really dedicate yourself.”

Laura Chirino, 32

CEO & Artist
Art By Chirino

A creator who loves to transform long-lasting memories through art, Laura Chirino focuses her collections on home décor statement pieces that range from intricate abstract paintings with “hidden” names to bright cafetera planters dancing with vines and evil eyes. “I believe in waking up each morning chasing your dreams a little more than you did the day before,” she says. “If you manifest it, it’s already yours.”

Brandon Mitchell, 32

Vice President
Venture For America

Brandon Mitchell is on a mission to help build the future of entrepreneurship. “I think so many people still think of startups as environments filled with ping-pong tables, kegerators and what they see on Shark Tank,” he says. “In reality, the world of entrepreneurship is filled with long hours, many mistakes and lots of last-minute changes — I’ll always have the highest level of respect for those working to get their companies off the ground!”

Dr. Makda Majette, 36

Board Certified Family Physician 
HIV Specialist 
Chen Senior Medical Center

On a mission to help people live longer and healthier lives, Dr. Makda Majette has an innate ability to establish patient rapport with empathy and understanding. “I always encourage my patients to never give up and always keep looking forward,” she says. “All of us are more than our worst day, and better days are ahead.”

Grace Aguado, 33

Founder & Celebrity Makeup Artist
Your Face By Grace

Whether it’s for a red carpet, editorial shoot, music video, movie, TV show or special occasion, Grace Aguado is there to get her clients ready for their close-up. “I love growing with my clients over time,” she says. “From quinceñeras to graduations, engagements, weddings, important appearances and other milestones, I’ve had the honor of being there for some of the biggest moments in their lives.”

Kadie Black, 39

President & CEO
Voices For Children

A perfect alignment of passion and purpose, Kadie Black’s role at Voices For Children is a dream come true for her and for the children she serves. “I am a joy-seeker who leads from a place of compassion, joy and service,” she says. “This has allowed me to lift up those around me and inspire people to join me in my efforts.”

Max Cronwall, 39

CEO & Co-Founder
Denise Cronwall Activewear

Having lived, studied and worked all over the world — including Stockholm, Lima, Caracas, London and Boston — Max Cronwall has an impressive ability to see things from a global perspective. “I love the hustle of running a small business and knowing that everything I do matters and is critical to the success and growth of the company,” he says. “There is no greater motivation than the uncertainty of tomorrow which constantly keeps you on your toes!

Vanessa Alfonso, 34

Dir. of Media Relations

Vanessa Alfonso’s job can often feel like she’s juggling a million tasks on a high-speed locomotive — and she loves every minute of it! “This is a generational moment for transportation in the U.S. and it’s all happening here in South Florida,” she says. “It’s great to be a part of something that is truly making a difference and the first of its kind in the country.”

Reginald Sainvil, 32

Restructuring & Insolvency Attorney 
Baker & McKenzie LLP

Reginald Sainvil is an attorney focused on advising companies in financial distress, as well as creditors, investors, and parties interested in acquiring intellectual property, real estate or other assets from distressed companies. “I appreciate the variety of my practice,” he says. “I must truly understand the business needs of my clients and their respective industries, while understanding the business objectives of the parties across the table.”

Alicia Lamadrid Paysse, 35

VP of Development Sales 
Cervera Real Estate

Alicia Lamadrid Paysse has circumambulated Mt. Kailash in Tibet and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, but nothing compares to the feeling of looking up at Miami’s skyscrapers. “My work entails helping real estate developers take an idea from conception to reality,” she says. “Seeing your work start to punctuate the skyline is an amazing feeling!”