Tipo Tropical

DJ and avant-garde artist Otto Von Schirach’s music blends a quintessential “so miami” sound with creative beats and futuristic sounds from another dimension. No, really, he’s out of this world.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila Photos by Sara Sitkin | May 22, 2018 | People

Mixing tropical Miami beats, deep-thumping bass and a dash of Euro funk, Otto Von Schirach’s music is a portal to another dimension. He takes you on a journey to the “Bermuda Triangle,” a place where he leads his bass-loving followers through an epic body-charged awakening experience. “At my live shows, I want everyone to feel the light and magic so their auras are forever charged with happiness,” he says. “I want them to wash away all their problems and stresses and let go of their egos.” Although his performances are experienced in underground venues around the world, his love of Miami follows him wherever he goes. Von Schirach keeps fueled on a live food diet and simultaneously nourishes his body and creativity with fruits energized with crystals and bass. “By blessing them with my sound, its like an audio despojo,” he says, speaking of both his food and his followers. “I clean them with my magic;”