Tip-Top Shape

Kinesis Personal is the complete functional home gym that offers hundreds of exercises to challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance — all while looking like modern art.
Words by Zelda Grant | March 29, 2022 | Lifestyle

The Kinesis from Technogym has a lofty goal: to train any movement following the body’s natural trajectories and reach any fitness, athletic or health goal effectively and in a personalized way. The FullGravity Technology enables the user to exercise single muscles and entire muscle groups with composite movements, activating kinetic chains in three dimensions. The units collapsible arms are comfortable and space-savvy with a trio of pivoting pulleys on each arm to ensure the smooth sliding of the cable during movement in all directions. The stylish Resistance Dial couldn’t be any easier to use. Just turn it and watch the digital resistance level seamlessly change from 0 to 20 on the display. When not in use, the Kinesis folds elegantly into the wall. Available in Stainless Steel Vision, Heritage Black and Heritage Leather;