Time Machine

Before there was Tesla, there was the Delorean, a car that stirred the imagination yet had a tragic ending straight out of Shakespeare.
Words by Bill Lindsey | March 29, 2020 | Luxury

John Z. Delorean was the epitome of the American Dream. After creating the Pontiac GTO and Firebird, he served as General Manager of Chevrolet and as VP of GM’s North American operations before striking out on his own. The DMC-12 was based on a design by Giorgetto Giulgiario for the Tapiro Porsche concept car featuring a stainless body, wedge shape and gull-wing doors. While the plan was to sell the cars for a then-quite reasonable $12,000, the cost to ship the cars from Ireland and wildly fluctuating currency rates caused prices to rise and sales to drop. Desperate to save his dream, Delorean became enmeshed in a scheme to sell cocaine, for which he was eventually found Not Guilty, but which doomed the company. The new Delorean will be a symphony of original body parts to maintain the look, under which resides a high-tech foundation of components and electronics. The 325 new DMC-12s built each year won’t be powered by plutonium, yet we can hear Doc Emmett Brown now, thundering, “Great Scott, Marty, it’s back!”;